About Holly

When Holly Payne rolls into a room, people notice. While she was not always so comfortable with that fact, years ago, she made a decision that if she was going to stand out anyway, it might as well be for the right reasons.

Diagnosed at the age of 15 months with a neuromuscular condition that was projected to cause her death before the age of three years old, she grew up in an era where accessibility was just beginning to be highlighted. Now, at the age of 40, she has long surpassed that childhood death sentence and lives a very full life as a university educator, publisher, author, and minister.

By partnering with a team of people both personally and professionally, she continues to find ways to live successfully and independently. She has overcome obstacles and persevered in the face of adversity on many levels and now is passionate about not only sharing her story, but also about sharing some of the most important lessons in life she has learned. The fact that she does it all from the seat of a high-tech power wheelchair accentuate her messages to live with excellence and without excuse.

Whether she is sharing at school events, at corporate meetings, in conferences, or with church groups, she is equally comfortable. She has a gift for being relatable and relevant to the real issues that people of all ages and abilities face.

Originally from Georgia, Holly now resides in York, SC.

If your group is looking for a speaker who will motivate, inspire, and most importantly, challenge those in attendance, Holly would be honored to serve you.