Holly is a speaker in both the faith-based community and the secular workplace and school community.

For faith-based and church-related events, she speaks as led. For the secular arena, she offers the following presentations.


Scandalous Excellence

Living life with a spirit of excellence has almost become a lost art in today’s shortcut society. However, people still love to talk. If they’re going to find something scandalous to talk about, it should be our excellence. In this presentation, Holly addresses what it means to have a spirit of excellence and the importance of it to make a difference in the world.


Sitting Down in a Standup World

Most of us live our lives feeling like we don’t necessarily stand out. And when we do, more often than not, we spend our lives trying to fit in. Diagnosed with a disorder that was projected to cause her death before the age of two or three, Holly has lived a life sitting down in a world of people standing up. In this presentation, she shares her own story while encouraging others to be okay with standing out for all the right reasons.


Those Who Will, Lead

When we realize that we are all leaders in some way, we begin to realize that leadership is an incredible honor and privilege, and that it is a matter of will in most cases moreso than perceived ability. In this presentation, Holly discusses key points that will help everyone, no matter how ordinary they seem to be, lead effectively and powerfully.


Bring Your Own Umbrella: The Power of Optimism

In this message, Holly infuses listeners with the power of optimism to set lofty goals, and then to go after them, even when others try to make us doubt our dreams.


You See What You Look For: The Power of Expectation

In this message, Holly explains how expectation carries great power. If we look for negative things, that’s what we’ll see even if they’re surrounded by positive things. Conversely, if we look for positive things, we’ll find them even in hard circumstances.


Take A Closer Look: The Power of Observation

Oftentimes, when we’re dealing with certain issues, we think they’re caused by one thing. However, when we look closer, we discover that there’s a deeper root. In this message, Holly shows participants how to observe closer to find the real roots of what they’re experiencing.


Living In A Reverse Paradox: The Power of Living “Inside Out”

In this presentation, Holly introduces the audience to “Inside out” living. We carry within us greatness, and when we foster that greatness, it pours out of us to impact the world.


Living Presently: The Power of Embracing Your Now

In this message, Holly encourages listeners to participate in embracing their lives in their current status. While we all have dreams and goals, and we should actively pursue those, there is great joy to be found in the present if we choose to see and embrace it.